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The Agricultural Situation in the European Union The Common Agricultural Policy Explained The EU and Russia - The Future of Mutual Economic Development The European Union in the World The European Union-Agriculture Map
The Schengen Area Tourism Statistics in the European Statistical System 2010 Towards a more Development Friendly Common Agricultural Policy Translating for a Multilingual Community Translation and Interpreting - Languages in action
UE in 3000 de cuvinte brosura Uniunea Europeana - Statele membre si tarile candidate Vedere explicativa Western Balkans in Transition Proceedings of the 5th International
Europe’s energy future Commission Communication on "An EU Framework for Crossborder" Directorate-General FOR Internal Policies Support schemes for renewable electricity in the EU A guide to risk analysis and customs controls - Customs Policy Committee
Sustainable Energy Communitie-Common actions for common goals-Project April 2009 Official Journal of the European Union-C 303-vol 53-9 nov 2010 The EU and Russia-Exploring beyond borders Call for expressions of interest for the Pan-European working groups-Brussels 10 March 2010 Work Programme 2010-European Railway Agency
eLearning-Your direct route to EU rules and compliance 140 de ani de la instituirea sistemului national modern-Banca Nationala a Romaniei-25 aprilie 2007 TEN-Section for Transport,Energy, Infrastructure and the Information Society-Transport Railway Safety Performance- European Railway Agency 2010 European Trajectories in Space Law
European Energy and Transport - Trends to 2030 - Update 2007 Future Media Internet-Research Challenges and the Road Ahead-April 2010 Rural Development in the EU-Statistical and Economic Information Report 2009 ECAP-Programul de asistenta pentru conformitatea ecologica destinat IMM-urilor-Mici, ecologice si competitive Biodiversity-Understanding the living world
Specii de pesti din Marea Mediterana si din Marea Neagra European Energy and Transport Scenarios on Key Drivers - September 2004 European Red List of Butterflies European GNSS-Galileo-Open Service-Signal In Space- Interface Control Document Aeronautics and Air Transport Research-7th Framework-Programme 2007-2013-Project Synopses-vol 1 2007-2008
European Green Cars Initiative-Toawrds an Electric Future Policy Department Structural and Cohesion Policies B-The Future of Sustainable Freight Transport and Logistics 2010 Nanoelectronics-Small and Smart-Nanoelectronics Activities in the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development Intelligent Transport Systems-EU-funded research for efficient,clean and safe road transport Art and Science-Creative Fusion
Guidelines for PV Power Measurement in Industry-Compiled by partners in the Performance FP6 Integrated Project Report of the SGMOS-09-05 Working Group Fishing Effort Regime in the Baltic Lupta impotriva pescuitului ilegal Food Legislation and Competitiveness in the EU Food Industry-Case studies in the Diary Industry Calatorind prin Europa anului 2010


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